Who Are We In a Digital World, pg. 4

Where our analog landscape was dominated by looming mountains and vast seas, our digital world is made of emptiness, potential. We don’t pass through an ancient world, we find a void waiting to be filled. Everything is choice. We are free to reveal, free to conceal, even free to conjure an existence whole hog. We speak into the void and our new self comes to life, ready to shape the emptiness to suit our whim. Of course, projection is nothing new; it happened in the analog world, but never so free from the burden of proof. With a cold, flat glare, the dawn of the digital world has slowly revealed limitless, pristine space as breathtakingly far from gravity as we dare to push. Our new weightlessness is sickeningly exhilarating, even if at first our digital life hews close to the analog. Already, though, some among us have returned from truly anonymous places where we may be truly un-tethered. Or unhinged.
Who are we in a digital world? We are free. Finally free to make our own name. We are only who we choose to be. Liberated from the crush of gravity, our inner being can unfurl, soar, fill the ether like a billowing thundercloud. We are the retort to I AM. ‘You were.’ But look at us now. Have we finally captured triumph? Have we found peace at last? If we listen, do we hear cries of victory or do we still hear howls of frustration?


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