Who Are We In a Digital World, pg. 3

Faster and faster. Word of mouth to written word to printing presses. Further and further. Each a revelation in its time. And then the passage. The moment the analog world evaporated, got digitized, and we shot into the ether like a rocket. The digital world has finally freed us from our burdens. Signals bounce around the world and back in an instant, even with a layover in outer space. And everywhere a signal can be, we ourselves our present there. We have flipped the script. No longer does our presence occur within a wider world, but rather the world occurs within our presence. We are limitless. We project ourselves into the ether and our presence fills it; we gather the projections of others and have them in our presence. We know and make ourselves known. That’s our coup.
At first, our digital lives did resemble the analog quite closely. Populated by the same people, revolving around the same experiences. But the weight has shifted. Have you noticed? Everybody on the internet is smiling. We fill the ether with the best of ourselves. The facets we find most interesting and enviable—the most worthy of approval. The polished wit, the thrice-revised pearl of disclosure; the perfect scenes, the beautiful life. To survey the digital landscape, one might think that we had eluded God’s flaming sword and made our way back into paradise to sit there gloating. We don’t live digital lives, we curate them. Creating a self in our own self-image and expecting due glory. Reception is dead. We have achieved projection.
A coup indeed. We aren’t beings, we are curators. Creators. We have broken the analog chains, leaving gravity far below. We find ourselves floating, weightless in a digital void.


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