Who Are We In a Digital World, pg. 2

with the assurance that an immediate and utter fall awaits all error. Gravity ceaselessly assails us, its colossal instigants dwarf us, holding us fast beneath the suffocating weight of the sky.
Our analog world was beset with gravity, beginning with birth. We arrived into a set of circumstances, a mixed bag of comfort and repression. Birth was our primary mass, our first tyrant. Life was second. Along the way, we gathered experience, formed relationships. Mass upon mass hovering in our minds and tugging at our hearts, dragging the ocean of our inner life along in ebs and flows of mood and ambition. Luring us to embrace or defy birth and circumstance. We would fight and claw our way up, away or we would relent and sink down, down to explore the inky depths of expectation and obligation. Either enormous effort took place in a great sea, an entire world full of people living out there beyond our grasp. Setting into motion ripples and waves that would sweep over us as beyond our control as the winter from summer. At the end of either path, we would find life a damnedly received thing. Fighting and relenting were opposite sides of a life defined by birth, molded by life, and adrift in humanity. Burning ambition, mouldering complacency, both were subject to reception, to talent and opportunity. Inescapable mass shaped us with its complex gravitational field.
We have made passage, though. Our analog world was so stiflingly physical, casting veil upon veil heavy over us. Horizons blocked our view, distances rendered our thin, frail voices mute. We were slaves to feeble bodies and ponderously slow travel. We were limited. But, our pursuit of triumph pushed us to innovate and explore, to make things, everything faster and bring the distant near. Foot travel to horses to chariots to engines of all kinds and fuels.


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